November, 2012

Async producer/consumer the easy way

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In .net 4, a new class called BlockingCollection was introduced, which let you have a threadsafe producer/consumer queue. Anyone consuming a BlockingCollection blocks automatically until new items are added. This lets you easily add items to the collection in one thread and use another synchronized thread to consume items. This class is great since before this existed, you had to do all this work with mutexes and it was a lot of extra work (and more error prone). In general, a good time to use a decoupled producer consumer pattern is when you have a slow consuming function and a producer thread that is time sensitive.

Even though BlockingCollection effectively synchronizes your producer/consumer, you still have to create boilerplate to manage the producer thread and the consumer thread. Also if you wanted to add extra exception handling or a cancellation token, you’d have … Read more


Dropped packets with promiscuous raw sockets and winsock

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Lately in my spare time, I’ve been working on a tool that will decode serialized AMF over a tcp connection. AMF stands for action message format and is used to serialize binary data to actionscript applications. The idea is to have the tool work the way Charles does for JSON/AMF over http/https, except over TCP sockets. I really like the way Charles works, and it’d be nice to not have to go to Wireshark and try and piece through binary data when I’m debugging.

So how would I do this? TCP sockets are connection oriented, you connect to some host and port and you only recieve and send data to that port. That’s great and all, but you can’t always inject yourself as a proxy in a connection; it’d be nice to be able to just sit in the middle of a conversation … Read more

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