November, 2013

Java lambdas

I’m not a java person. I’ve never used it in production, nor have I spent any real time with it outside of my professional work. However, when a language dawns upon lambdas I am drawn to try out their implementation. I’ve long since despised Java for the reasons of verbosity, lack of real closures or events, type erasure in generics, and an over obsession with anonymous classes, so I’ve shied away from doing anything in it.

Still, at least the Java world is trying. While I’d love to just ignore the fact that Java exists, I can’t. Lots of interesting projects are done in Java, and a lot of world class tools are written in Java, so from a professional standpoint it’d be good for me to know it.

In the past when I looked into how past Java utilities did “functional” it never felt natural to me. People have … Read more