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Automating deployments with salt, puppet, jenkins and docker

I know, its a buzzword mouthful. My team has had good first success leveraging jenkins, salt, sensu, puppet, and docker to package and monitor distributed java services with a one click deployment story so I wanted to share how we’ve set things up.

First and foremost, I’ve never been an ops guy. I’ve spent time on build systems like msbuild and fake, but never a full pipeline solution that also had to manage infrastructure, but there’s a first for everything. Most companies I’ve worked at have had all this stuff set up already, and out of the minds of developers, but the place I am at now does not. I actually think it’s been a great opportunity to dive into the full flow of how do you get your damn code out the door. I think if you are developing an application and don’t know how it gets from git … Read more