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Trees and continuation passing style

For no reason in particular I decided to revisit tree traversal as a kind of programming kata. There are two main kinds of tree traversal:

  • Depth first – This is where you go all the way down a tree’s branches first before bubbling up to do work. With a tree like below, you’d hit c before doing any work since it’s the deepest part of the tree (assuming you iterated left first then right)
        / \
       b   e
     /  \
    c    d
  • Breadth first – This is where you hit all the nodes at the level you’re on before going further. So with the same tree, you’d hit a, then b, then e, then c and d.

Being as I actually hate tree traversal, and having to think about it, I decided that whatever I write better be extensible and clean.

Depth first

Here is a simple DFS … Read more