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Short and sweet powershell prompt with posh-git

My company has fully switched to git and it’s been great. Most people at work use SourceTree as a gui to manage their git workflow, some use only command line, and I use a mixture of posh-git in powershell with tortoise git when I need to visualize things.

Posh-git, if you load the example from your profile, will set the default prompt to be the current path. If you go into a git directory it’ll also add the git status. Awesome. But if you are frequently in directories that are 10+ levels deep, suddenly your prompt is just obscenely long.

For example, this is pretty useless right?

2014-07-09 11_53_20-

Obviously it’s a fictitious path, but sometimes you run into them, and it’d be nice to optionally shorten that up.

It’s easy to define a shortPwd function and expose a global “MAX_PATH” variable that can be reset.


function ShortPwd
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Pulling back all repos of a github user

I recently had to relinquish my trusty dev machine (my work laptop) since I got a new job, and as such am relegated to using my old mac laptop at home for development until I either find a new personal dev machine or get a new work laptop. For those who don’t know, I’m leaving the DC area and moving to Seattle to work for Amazon, so that’s pretty cool! Downside is that it’s Java and Java kind of sucks, but I can still do f#, haskell, and all the other fun stuff on the side.

Anyways, since I’m setting up my home dev environment I wanted to pull back all my github repos in one go. If I only had a few of them I would’ve just cloned them by hand, but I have almost 30 repos, which puts me in the realm of wanting to automate it.

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