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Automatic fogbugz triage with naive bayes

At my work we use fogbugz for our bugtracker and over the history of our company’s lifetime we have tens of thousands of cases. I was thinking recently that this is an interesting repository of historical data and I wanted to see what I could do with it. What if I was able to predict, to some degree of acuracy, who the case would be assigned to based soley on the case title? What about area? Or priority? Being able to predict who a case gets assigned to could alleviate a big time burden on the bug triager.

Thankfully, I’m reading “Machine Learning In Action” and came across the naive bayes classifier, which seemed a good fit for me to use to try and categorize cases based on their titles. Naive bayes is most famously used as part of spam filtering algorithms. The general idea is you train the classifier … Read more