Threadpooling in netduino

Sometimes you want to do asynchronous work without holding up your current thread but the work that needs to be done doesn’t really warrant the cost of spinning up a new thread (though what the exact cost is on an embedded environment I’m not sure).

This where threadpooling comes into play. A threadpool has a certain amount of pre-spun up threads that you can re-use for actions. You push actions onto the threadpool and when there is an available thread it’ll run your action. While threadpools aren’t free (you still incur context switching and the initial overhead of firing up a thread) you can limit your context switches and minimize thread start/cleanup time by reusing threads. Threadpooling is a handy feature and C# has built in support for it, but it’s not in the .net micro framework so I decided to write my own.

For a basic threadpool manager it’s … Read more

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RESTful web endpoints on Netduino Plus

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I have a Netduino plus at home and I love it. Not only can you use C# to write for it, but you get full visual studio integration including live breakpoints! I got the Netduino plus over the Netduino because the Netduino plus has a built in ethernet jack and ethernet stack support. This way I could access my microcontroller over the web if I wanted to (and who wouldn’t?).

But to expose your Netduino to the web you need to write a simple web server. Basically open a socket at port 80 and read/write requests out to it. The Netduino community is great at sharing code and I quickly found a nice web server by Jasper Schuurmans. His server code let you define RESTful routes like this


Which was super cool. It even filtered out non-registered commands, allowing you to … Read more