Tech Talk: Sorting of ratings

Today’s tech talk discussed different ways to sort ratings system. The topic revolved around a blog post we discovered a while ago breaking down different problems with star based sorts.

The article describes a few problems:

Rating type: Good – Bad

The issue here is that when you use only the difference in positive vs negative ratings, you get skewed results to highly popular (but also maybe highly disliked) items.… Read the rest

Streaming video to ios device with custom httphandler in

I ran into an interesting tidbit just now while trying to dynamically stream a video file using a custom http handler. The idea here is to bypass the static handler for a file so that I can perform authentication/preprocessing/etc when a user requests a video resource and I don’t have to expose a static folder with potentially sensitive resources.… Read the rest

Users by connections in SignalR

SignalR gives you events when users connect, disconnect, and reconnect, however the only identifying piece of information you have at this point is their connection ID. Unfortunately it’s not very practical to identify all your connected users strictly off their connectionIDs – usually you have some other identifier in your application (userID, email, etc).… Read the rest