AngularJS for .Net developers

A few months ago I was asked to be a technical reviewer on a new packt pub book called AngularJS for .Net developers. It mostly revolves around ServiceStack (not web API) and building a full stack application with angular. I actually really enjoyed reading it and thought it touched on a lot of great points that a developer who is serious needs to know about.

Unfortunately I think the book doesn’t do a very good job at explaining angular in general. It’s certainly geared to the experienced developer who has worked with angular and servicestack/c# REST before.

Still, if you are interested in using angular as a .net developer its an informative and quick read!

1 thought on “AngularJS for .Net developers

  1. I felt the same way reading angularjs for .NET developers. In reading that book I was really disappointed. I wanted a clearer explanation on how you could integrate SQL server into the service api. Do you have any references that show you how to do this?

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