Tech talk: Pattern matching

Today’s tech talk was about functional pattern matching. This was a really fun one since I’ve been sort of “evangelizing” functional programming at work, and it was a blast seeing everyone ask poignant and intersting questions regarding pattern matching.

What spurred the conversation today was a question my boss asked me which was “how is pattern matching actually compiled?” which led me to find this blog post describing different ways the f# compiler compiles pattern matching.… Read the rest

Tech talk: B-Trees

Yesterdays tech talk was on b-trees. B-trees are an interesting tree data structure that are used to minimize disk read access. Also, since they are self balancing, and optimized for sequential reads and inserts, they’re really good for file systems and databases.… Read the rest

Tech Talk: Sorting of ratings

Today’s tech talk discussed different ways to sort ratings system. The topic revolved around a blog post we discovered a while ago breaking down different problems with star based sorts.

The article describes a few problems:

Rating type: Good – Bad

The issue here is that when you use only the difference in positive vs negative ratings, you get skewed results to highly popular (but also maybe highly disliked) items.… Read the rest

Tech Talk: AngularJS

Today’s tech talk was a continuation on front-end discussions we’re having. Last week we talked about typescript (I forgot to write it up) and this week we discussed the basics of angular. Angular is a front-end MVC framework written by google that, at first glance, looks completely different from previous javascript/html development.… Read the rest

Tech talk: Hacking droid

Todays tech talk was based off of a blog entry posted by facebook recently where they described the things they needed to do to get their mobile app running on android OS Froyo (v 2.2).

The gist of the post was that facebook migrated a lot of javascript code to Java and then found themselves in an interesting situation: they were unable to load the app due to the number of methods declared being larger than the method metadata buffer could hold.… Read the rest