Building LINQ in Java pt 2

In my last post I discussed building a static class that worked as the fluent interface exposing different iterator sources that provide transformations. For 1:1 iterators, like take, skip, while, for, nth, first, last, windowed, etc, you just do whatever you need to do internally in the iterator by manipulating the output the stream.… Read the rest

Java lambdas

I’m not a java person. I’ve never used it in production, nor have I spent any real time with it outside of my professional work. However, when a language dawns upon lambdas I am drawn to try out their implementation. I’ve long since despised Java for the reasons of verbosity, lack of real closures or events, type erasure in generics, and an over obsession with anonymous classes, so I’ve shied away from doing anything in it.… Read the rest

Tech talk: Hacking droid

Todays tech talk was based off of a blog entry posted by facebook recently where they described the things they needed to do to get their mobile app running on android OS Froyo (v 2.2).

The gist of the post was that facebook migrated a lot of javascript code to Java and then found themselves in an interesting situation: they were unable to load the app due to the number of methods declared being larger than the method metadata buffer could hold.… Read the rest